Rising Phoenix Brick Oven Pizza is a traditional hand tossed, wood fired pie made portable. Each pizza is forged from individually selected ingredients served quickly and ready to eat on the go. Featuring goat cheese and seasonal produce from our own farm, which is all fired in our custom built brick oven for a traditional and delicious meal that brings an authentic experience to you. From ticket to hand in only a few minutes, serving up the taste of the country with a side of fun.
A few years ago I started making pizza at home on my goat farm. I used local produce and my goat’s dairy all fired in a brick oven to make the perfect pie. I shared my recipe with my friends, family, and neighbors, but I always wanted more. Then, in 2017, I found the opportunity I had been waiting for when I came across an old food trailer for sale. I knew I had found a way to share my recipe with everyone, and bring them the same joy I had brought to my neighbors and friends. Since then, refurbishing the trailer has been a labor of love, having taken two years to complete. Now, in 2019, with my custom made brick oven in tow, I am happy to bring the full flavor of individually crafted gourmet pizza to you.