“Rising Phoenix Brick Oven Pizza was founded on the premise that no food is too simple to be gourmet, and nothing is too serious to have fun with.”

I’ve always been the kind of guy that goes searching for good food. From roadside diners with “the world’s best chili” to the pizzerias of Little Italy, great food exists wherever there are chefs who love what they do. There’s something special about food crafted with care, and it’s worth going off the beaten path to experience all the wonderful dishes cooks all over this country have to offer. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my travels, it’s that there’s no such thing as too simple to be gourmet. 

That’s why I started Rising Phoenix Brick Oven Pizza as a food truck, so I could share the food I love with people that love food. I use the best and freshest ingredients for each individual order, then bake it to perfection in our wood fired oven. This way, I can make sure that each dish is something unique and made with joy. 

See you at our table.

-Stephen S. Mcmahon

Head Chef and Owner